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   دفتر رافیکی( فایک) در ایران - نماینده انحصاری فروش و خدمات پس از فروش


 Company was established in 1974 under name    of "HOSE LINE" which changed to "PARS AZAR Middle East" after Iranian revolution in 1979.

 As one of the first companies in the field fire-protection in Iran, initially started its activities as a manufacturer of "fire boxes", " hose reels" and " fire extinguishers" and import of Halon gas, hoses, fire landing valve, automatic fire extinguishers and gradually developed to an Iranian leading company in all fire-related fields such as design & install of automatic fire-detection and protection systems, sales and distribution of all fire-fighting equipments (either imported a produced locally), consultation services and etc, mainly focusing on the world’s latest and most advanced fire-detection systems and technology, providing the best & most reliable services with the support of its professional technical team, trained in UK and USA.
 Pars Azar Middle East is now having the first rank in Iranian fire - fighting syndicate.

 We are sole distributor and local branch of Rafiki Protection (Manufacturer of Intelligent fire detection) in Iran. 

 Also we have sole agencies of Santana, FirePro, Tyrrell.



 سیستم اعلام حریق گلوبال فایر                              


   محصولات اطفاءحریق ( گاز ایروسل) ، فایر پرو


   سیستم مدیریت هوشمند ساختمان ای بی ام اس، تیرل


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